Cold Rolled product

Cold Rolled product

We introduce the manufacturing process of cooling rolling product of Nastech.

Experience Hot Rolled Coil-1. Supply to POSCO, POSCO Mill Sheet → Acid Dip-1. Remove scales, 2. P/O Coil (Wide), Surface Conditions → Wide Slitting-1. Rolling, 2. P/O Coil (Slitted), Width → 1st Rolling - 1. Rolls first to the required thickness, Control thickness →  Annealing-1. Control Hardness, 2. Remove Internal Stress, 3. Form Recrystallization,  CYCLE → Temper Rolling-1. Rolls to the final, thickness, 2. Finish surface, Thickness, surface →  Product Slitting-1. Cut to the final width, 2. Cut to the required, weight → Thickness, surface conditions → Packing


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